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photoblog image Little vervet monkey
Little vervet monkey|

Little vervet monkey


A male vervet monkey trying to impress me with its teeth, as I was shooing it away from where we were having breakfast. I showed it my teeth and it fell from the tree, laughing.


If the food is nice, don't share it with the monkeys, this weekend.



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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 27 Nov 2015, 01:31
Impressive gnashers!

Reminds me of an encounter I had with a very large macaque a few years ago...I was with friends at the Erawan Waterfall...bought some food and brought it to a table under the trees...laying it out, ready to eat...BANG!...a huge macaque dropped out of a tree right into the middle of the food...he showed me his teeth, which instantly deterred me from whacking him...gathered up ALL the food...sprang into the tree, out of reach, and consumed the lot!
Louis: That is the kind of thing that happens at many a tourist spot in my country. These monkeys quickly discover the source of easy food. And people just keep on thinking it is nice to feed them, so when you don't give, they take. The methods for taking can take many forms. Some dangerous. They tend to become a pest and in they end, authorities have to take harsh measures. So, I believe a lot of people before you, taught that macaque to act in that way. I had many a run-in with these little devils, including this one. As I approached it, it faked a yawn - showing teeth in the process. A friendly way to say: "See what I have got, now push off". So, I just keep on confronting it and in the end it decided that I am bigger than it and it moved off and left us in peace - for the time being. This process, I won't try with our baboons, they are monkeys with a different attitude and the power and fangs to back it up.
i wouldn't show him my teeth Louis... i would simply find another place to have my breakfast....petersmile
Louis: In that way, you will have to lock yourself up. Once confronted, they will back down. They can see they are too small to make serious impact. Just don't back it into a corner.
LOL. And I thought it was just yawning, Louis. Ho-Hum. smile
Louis: Let's refer to it as a yawn with a purpose. At this stage of the confrontation, it feigns the yawn, but is also showing he has teeth. If I don't back down, he knows he may be in for it and moves off. Remember it is a monkey and they play monkey games with people as well. When you don't have food in sight, they are very interesting characters to observe.
Excellent capture Louis! I love it.
Louis: Thank you Richard. Yes, they are still around some tourist spots.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 27 Nov 2015, 06:36
Hahaha- yawning is infecting - heel mooie image!
Louis: Dankjewel, Philine.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 27 Nov 2015, 06:38
His coat and teeth are both impressive Louis, as I'm sure yours are too
Louis: At 40°C I don't wear a coat, Chris smile
  • Lisl
  • Batheaston, Bath
  • 27 Nov 2015, 09:52
I laughed to read that it found you so funny, Louis!
Louis: The two of us were up to monkey business, Lisl.
He does have some mighty long, sharp looking chompers.
Louis: They rarely bite adults, except maybe when pushed into a corner. They can terrorise children, though.
  • elleplate
  • United Kingdom
  • 27 Nov 2015, 12:06
Perfectly timed!
Louis: Thank you elleplate
This takes "open wide" to a whole new level Louis. Smashing shot and have a good weekend
Louis: Thank you cornishmaid. He will be a dentist's delight.
  • Beth
  • United States
  • 27 Nov 2015, 13:17
Excellent capture - love the yawn!
Louis: Thank you Beth. The yawn is feigned to show teeth and see whether I will be impressed.
I suppose he did not sleep well Louis, being excited about the big shopping day.
Louis: They haven't heard about Black Friday nor 'shop till you drop'
I can't believe the size of its mouth and teeth.
Louis: Impressive teeth for such a small and seemingly cute animal, I agree, Brian.
Great shot - obviously finds it difficult to get up in the morning!
Louis: The sun starts rising at 04:30 in the morning in this area, in summer. At that time you may wake up to the sound of them cavorting on the roof. So I think at the time we were getting ready for brunch at 10:00 he must be getting ready for siesta smile
Without your info it looks just like he's giving a good yawn before a rest. Did you finally enjoy your breakfast then?
Louis: Yes, he hides the show of fangs in an innocent yawn. Like a muscle man walking around in a tank top - it pays to advertise smile Well we did come to an understanding and he kept his distance, so we ate in peace.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 29 Nov 2015, 06:10
This is an impressive set of teeth and I read all the replies. I think it is fascinating that you showed this little pest ' who is boss here'. I agree with knowing what you do with the bigger monkeys. Some people took monkeys as a pet, not knowing how big and dangerous they turned out to be....
I love this picture. My son has a recording of 'brul-apen' from when they were in Mexico. Scary sounds.
Louis: Thank you Astrid. Yes, wild animals remain just that - wild.

De brul-apen maakt wel een herrie, wat volgens mij bij vleisvreters horen.
I had to laugh about him falling off, Louis. in my school days, I was going back to my room with a banana that I was saving for later. On the stair case landing somewhere on the second or third level, a monkey sprang out of nowhere, grabbed my wrist with one hand, snatched the banana with the other hand and sprang away. I had full sleeves on and yet had some bruising on my wrist.
Great timing in your shot, btw.
Louis: Thank you Ayush. Monkeys tend to be strong for their size. For monkeys, wild life is like living in a gym. Non-stop exercise.
He's lovely - that fur is incredible! Great shot, Louis!
Louis: They are lovely little urchins smile, but can be a pest. Good lookin' and bad manners.

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