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photoblog image Bicycles and buildings
Bicycles and buildings|

Bicycles and buildings


I am posting this picture as a sort of continuance of the previous picture. If you would like to take a look again, just click "previous" above, right hand side. 


This picture was taken in the old city of Jerusalem. From the brickwork, etc you can see there were additions and rebuilding. The main thing (considering the previous picture) is that these places were built close to each other. You can also see a doorway, without a door. In the bottom left-hand corner you see the handrail of the steps from this building, going down to meet the the "path" where the bicycle is parked.


Lateron, I will show more pictures of Jerusalem. There are places where the buildings are so tightly packed, that the road or path, runs in a long tunnel, with shops on the sides and houses above.


I believe that just looking at those excavated ruins, may leave the onlooker with a wrong impression, just because one can't visualise the missing upper parts of those buildings, if you haven't seen some examples of what the finished building could look like.


An adventurous weekend to you all.



comments (17)

I'm enjoying the steps, shapes and textures so much in this image.
Louis: I just had to catch it in a picture, Jacquelyn.
I love all the seemingly haphazard building... This is a really great composition, IMHO!
Louis: Thank you Elizabeth. This is a place that sets poets waxing lyrical.
A wonderful composition indeed Louis!
Have a great weekend.
Louis: Thank you Richard. A place that seems to be inspiring for photography.
Bike Friday in Jerusalem! Who would have ever believed we'd see it here on SC! It's awesome, Louis.
Louis: There are always twists to be had. I took this picture from what is claimed to be the upper room where the last supper was held. However, since Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD, it is unlikely that a place at this height would have survived. So at best it will be a place that has been rebuilt, with actual dating to the time of the crusaders. And those guys who thought up a holy grail, can think up anything. Another claim is that of the Saint Mark's Syrian Orthodox Church, that is claimed to be built over the upper room. Remember, flattening a city, means that everything comes down and a new city is eventually built over the rubble. This second claim is of a chamber unearthed at 3 metres below ground level. A bit more logical and dating closer to the expectation.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 5 Feb 2016, 06:55
Heavens - what a history this place has had Louis. I'll bet no one understands it properly
Louis: True. The only chance to start understanding, is to be able to observe without any filter. I believe humankind is in love with their filters (of whatever kind), so it would be unlikely - even for trained archaeologists.
Even without the explanation this is a very fine picture Louis.

Book sale day tomorrow and the forecast is rain sad
Louis: Thank you Bill and remember the brolly smile
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 5 Feb 2016, 07:35
You must have such a great store of pictures from this holiday, Louis - and so interesting (not like typical holiday pics)
Louis: A lot of pictures indeed, Lisl. I try to make them interesting.
All very neat and confusing. We will be spending time with the shovel this weekend
Louis: I saw some short tv article about, how one shouldn't go shovelling after a certain age. Too many land in the hospital. Since that article, I don't touch them shovels any more smile
  • Richard Trim
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 5 Feb 2016, 11:53
Thanks for boosting 'Bike Friday' Louis ... we will get there in the end
Louis: Heh, heh - perseverance may win the day, eh Richard smile
What I like about these hot counties are the way the stonework looks so clean Louis. Down our way, the damp just turns things green and black.
Louis: They use the light coloured stonework all over Jerusalem. They become slippery when wet. Tread softly or end up with a wet bum, like I did. The bum didn't hurt half as much as my pride ...
It is very fine stonework Louis, I get the impression that there are lots of claims for biblical associated things in Jerusalem, many of which couldn't actually have the historic links referred to.
Louis: Thank you Brian. Many of those claims abound all over Israel. Fortunately, there are also sites that can be viewed as a surety. Then there are the sites, claimed by some church group and the built a church or abbey over it. Sometimes, these claims can't be substantiated and for the rest - some building over a site, spoils the sight, but it also preserves. Leaves one with mixed feelings.
I wonder if this Raleigh was still made in Nottingham
Louis: The short answer is in the negative. For the most part they are manufactured in the Far East and assembled by the holding companies (who bought the rights from the original company) with various names, in Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Canada.
Looks expensive enough to require firm fastening!
Louis: Not really a place for cars and when you nick a bicycle, you'll have to run a fair distance before you can start riding. But you are right about the impact of cost smile
raleighs are all over the world, aren't they? am i missing the seat and seeing two bells?
Louis: Raleighs are manufactured in the Far East and assembled by the holding companies (who bought the rights from the original company) with various names, in Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Canada. Bound to be a global phenomenon. Yes, no saddle. The two bells are actually the brake handles (I took a close-up view of the original picture).
  • Beth
  • United States
  • 6 Feb 2016, 19:08
You captured it. I love the contrast of a modern bike on the old stones.
Louis: Thank you Beth, I like it too.
they look fine together... I like the blurring rock wall to the right...
Louis: Thank you Larry
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 13 Feb 2016, 08:05
I like this!
Louis: Thank you, Ray

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