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Strange things happen. On Wednesday past, my beautiful ophthalmologist removed a cataract from my right (bad) eye and implanted an intraocular lens. On Wednesday coming she will remove a smaller one from my left (good) eye and implant an intraocular lens. My sight in the right eye is just wonderful - that was a Zeiss, and everything seems HD. I now realise my good eye is not good at all.


When I looked through my bird pictures, yesterday; I saw some weird ones. With bad eyes I trust the camera to do the work and never really see the birds. I may unwittingly have discovered some new birds species, which I am sharing with you today. Maybe they are normal birds and the inbetween vision is just an aberation of one good and one bad eye. IN other words, I see a red bird with a head like a dog. You will be seeing a red jay - if not, you have a problem.


Various people warned me last week, about inconvenient times and things I shouldn't do. The way the op went was like this - first, it happened in a day clinic and I wore my Mickey Mouse t-shirt all the time. After completing the same information on three different type of forms (one day, they will enter the computer age), I had to wait. The RN put some drops in my eyes and enter the anaesthetist (another female practitioner), telling me that she will administer something that will edate me, but not make me sleepy. Some drops were the anesthetic for the eye. The cataract procedure involved the use of a high-frequency ultrasound device that breaks up the cloudy lens into small pieces, which are then gently removed from the eye with suction. The procedure is called phacoemulsification or "phaco," can be performed with smaller incisions (from 1.0 to 1.8mm) than previous surgical techniques for cataract removal, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of complications. The lens is then replaced with an intraocular lens. You have choices between far lookers, near lookers and multi-focal. Some people choose to have one eye with a far looker and the other with a near looker. The brain then sorts out the vision, so that you see very well, both near and far. Mine will be far lookers, requiring reading glasses.


My procedure was done in the afternoon, around 17:00 and I was sent home with little pad and protective plastic cap over the eye. The next day at 11:00 was the post-op consultation - everything was removed and I was surprised by the clarity. Since then I have to put drops in my eyes, every 4 hours and don't have to set the alarm - as long as I do it 4x daily. I was asked not to combine lifting of heavy stuff, with looking down. I drove home after the consult and resume exercising the second morning after the procedure.


The worst part was completing the forms.


Oh yes, those strange looking birds are from Woth1000.com, a site operated by screwball designers. You will land on another site when you enter the web address. Worth1000 has been taken over.


Thank you for the messages, including the private ones, that I have received.




comments (14)

  • Martine
  • France
  • 13 Mar 2017, 01:47
Très drôle, j'adore !
Louis: Merci, Martine. Ils sont drôles d'images.
Great that your vision is fixed, Louis, I'm pleased for you. As you probably know, Elizabeth does this stuff most days, I'm proud of her. The pictures are very well done, really interesting.
Louis: Thank you, Frank. She made an inquiry a couple of years back, about certain possibilities and I deduced that she must be working in some kind of eye clinic. But now you have confirmed. It is also mostly for her benefit, that I provided more detail of the procedure (from my point of view). Those guys at Worth1000.com are real artists and they have imagination - or maybe, all artists have smile
What a great group of photo's! Very creative!!
I'm so pleased your surgery went well - and hope the same for the next surgery.
It seems the whole procedure is pretty much what you'd experience at out clinic - right down to the Mickey Mouse T! smile
Louis: Thanks Elizabeth. I hoped that you will enjoy the procedure description, if only to compare with how you guys do it up in Flagstaff. What I realised afterwards, is that my ophthalmologist runs the clinic with an all female staff. I never had so many girls attending smile
  • Lisl
  • Bath, England
  • 13 Mar 2017, 06:17
Such a happy outcome, Louis. Life will never be the same again once number two eye has had similar treatment. I wish you well for Wednesday
Louis: Thank you Lisl - I will be glad to have my eyes back again.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 13 Mar 2017, 06:39
I'm really pleased that it's all been worthwhile for you Louis and that you are on the verge of being able to have 100% perfect sight. When I first saw these images I thought mine had deteriorated..
Louis: Heh, they appear so smooth, you can easily think they are real. Thank you Chris.
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 13 Mar 2017, 07:00
Yes...these are normal birds, Louis...with your new eyes you will see them hanging out of trees everywhere! smile
Louis: smile At long last, someone who's vision is as impaired as mine!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 13 Mar 2017, 07:23
Oh, I know the procedure of your eye - and now you will see too sharply - I was not allowed to read for some days, but watching tv was very godd as the doctor said. My best wishes for you! I love the funny birds!
Louis: Thank you, Philine. The procedure had so little impact on the rest of my life, while I gain a lot.
Glad you can see clearly now. I have seen these birdimals previously. Our eyesight is precious.
Louis: Thank you Mary. Precious indeed.
What an entertaining group of pictures, very cleverly done. I think I said you would be surprised how your eyesight will change so spectacularly and it has, now for the other eye, best wishes for that on Wednesday. We have a framed enlargement of one of my favourite images above the fireplace in our lounge, after my first eye had been done it looked completely different through that eye than it did through the 'old' one, now both are done it I can't remember how it looked before.
Louis: Thank you Brian. I am looking forward. This story is not about cataracts - but years ago the little girl of around 8 years, was not doing so well at school as everyone thought she should. So one day, her dad started thinking and took her to the eye specialist.She got a pair of glasses. When she arrived home, she opened her bedroom curtains and exclaimed: "Mom, look, there is a mountain behind the house!" No one talked about the very big hill and she couldn't see it.
Look at you, Louis, going to town like there was no tomorrow! HA! When it's my turn, I'll know whom to ask!!! THANK YOU.
Louis: Well, someone else did the art work. Thank you, now I can see them again.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 13 Mar 2017, 15:38
I am glad that you are able to see again.... I remember years ago when my brother had it done both eyes... he was kind of 'swearing' nu zie ik die stomme spinnenraggen in de hoeken van de kamer.....zolas Johan Cruijf altijd zei: elk voordeel heeft een nadeel HA..
Great story about the girl.... amazing, I hope she did well at school after she got her glasses...
Louis: Thank you Astrid. Yes, cobwebs are now more visible. That girl now has her own accounting practice. That incident had quite an impact on my thinking. My children were born later and whenever something seems to be wrong, I would always first think of the eyesight possibility.
i told you how the world would look after your surgery Louis... just imagine what it will be like next week... you will see everything in HD2...
love all of the birds that you photographed with the bad eyes....petersmile
Louis: Heh, I am looking forward to HD2 ... Thanks peter.
Another round of luck and prayers... smile
Louis: 1 day later - everything seems in order. Dr is happy, I am happy. Must take xtra drops to soften this eye - as there were some attachment growth with the retina when I had iridoseclitus in 2013, This was loosened and I now have to exercise the dilating function. But everything is in control, given what had to be rectified - not only the cataract.
Weird stuff indeed! Glad all went well with the first op - no doubt the second will be just as straightforward. It's the commonest op in our NHS, with about 350,000 operations a year - so the surgeons get plenty of practice!
Louis: Funny thing is that I have noticed that they are only males that get processed. Now I wonder whether the group I have seen is representative smile

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